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The meats

Second courses of meat

In the old Roman cuisine, the meats considered waste parts, oxtail, tripe, cheek and entrails finally found a riot of flavors in our kitchens, so much so that they crossed national borders and were known all over the world, such as oxtail and rigatoni with the pajata, the lamb offal with artichokes, the trotters.

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Escalope of veal with ham and sage in a white wine sauce

€ 16

Rocher di coda alla vaccinara con insalatina di sedano croccante

Oxtail meatballs

€ 18

Filetto di maiale al rosmarino con salsa alle mele

Rosemary pork tenderloin with apple sauce

€ 18

Filetto di manzo in salsa al pepe verde

Fillet of beef in green pepper sauce

€ 28

Carrè di agnello in doppia cottura servito con salsa tzatziki

Rack of lamb cooked in double cooking served with tzatziki

€ 24

Petto di pollo al marsala

Breast of chicken with marsala wine sauce

€ 16

stinco di agnello

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