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A good dinner must end on a crescendo, and this is the task of the dessert. The customer at the Fuocolento restaurant can appreciate many delicious desserts and fruit.


Tiramisu is today one of the most popular desserts in the world, however few people know its true origins.

Tiramisu is the fifth word of Italian cuisine best known abroad, the first for desserts. Etymology of the word Tiramisù: lift me up, strengthen my body. It derives from the Treviso dialect “Tireme su”, Italianized into Tiramisu in the last decades of the last century.

The first evidence of this sweet leads us to the peasant tradition of Treviso: the Sbatudin. This is the seed from which Tiramisu was born and then evolved. Egg yolk beaten with sugar until it becomes a frothy cream. Already in the nineteenth century in the province of Treviso this primordial cream was prepared, the basis of Tiramisu.
Each family personalized the cream by adding other ingredients following the tastes of the people and the area: coffee, white wine, liqueur, biscuits, butter, ricotta, cream, cocoa, etc…
A verbal local tradition has handed down to us that our dessert was thought up by a brilliant “maitresse” of a pleasure house located in the historic center of Treviso.
The “Siora” owner of the restaurant would have created this aphrodisiac and invigorating sweet to offer it to her customers at the end of the evenings in order to reinvigorate them and solve the problems connected to conjugal duties upon their return to the family.
It is said that in the room, when the men went down the stairs a little tired, an attractive maitresse prepared this dessert and admonished them in this way: “desso ve tira su mi”. Hence the origin of the name.

Gluttony sins


Creme brulèe

Creme brulèe

Semifreddo al croccantino di mandorle

Crunchy almond parfait


Meringa con crema chantilly e frutti di bosco

Meringue with chantilly cream and wild berries

Frutti di bosco

Wild berries

€ 7


Fresh pineapple

€ 6

Cestino di pastafilo con crema chantilly,nutella e granella di nocciole

Cup of biscuit with chantilly cream,nutella chocolate and hazelnuts

€ 7

Crostata del giorno

Tart of the day

€ 7

Mousse al cioccolato

Chocolate mousse

€ 7



€ 7


Puffs filled with cream and covered with chocolate

€ 7

Macedonia di frutta fresca

Fresh fruit salad

€ 7

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