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The Fuocolento Restaurant

was inaugurated in March 2016 by Massimo Giannobile, who chose to share his great passion for good food and hospitality with anyone who loves simple, traditional and healthy cooking.

Located in a street that made history in the period of Roman dolce vita, the old trattoria was often frequented by the president Sandro Pertini who had a particular dedication to good food.
After the war in Rome liberated by the Germans, Winston Churchl came to visit the capital, taken to dinner in this typical restaurant he said to the old owner: “I would like to be able to paint like you know how to cook”, Massimo Giannobile with the Ristorante Fuocolento continues the tradition of the old managers , maintaining and always highlighting the Roman cuisine but adapting the cuisine, ingredients and methodologies in the preparations to the current times.

Roman cuisine

Of popular origin, the dishes of Roman cuisine arise from the inventiveness of past generations in enhancing the famous fifth quarter: after the two hind and front quarters had been distributed to the tables of the aristocrats, what remained went to the populace who could buy it with two money to slaughter! Considered waste parts, tail, tripe, cheek and entrails finally found a riot of flavors in our kitchens, so as to cross national borders and be known all over the world, such as oxtail and rigatoni with pajata, pluck of lamb with artichokes, trotters.

Coda alla vaccinara

The recipe calls for an abundance of celery blanched separately before being added to the sauce, and the addition of the lard to the chopped onion, carrot and parsley

The mystery of carbonara

“There are those who argue that perhaps this dish owes its name to woodcutters who went to the Apennines to make charcoal ........

Coratella con carciofi

The coratella can also be cooked alone but its death, in this period, is with the Roman artichokes which are at their peak,

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Fish cooking

It has always been said that the main and most lasting source of food for man is the sea. This large expanse of water, where man feels small and helpless, makes us believe in the existence of monsters and strange creatures that live in his depths.
However, for many millennia, the attraction that man feels towards the sea goes beyond monstrous animals.
In fact, the sea contains a variety of very appetizing fish.


Raw or cooked, our very fresh fish starters are the entrèe to our lunches.


Traditional Mediterranean fish pasta and new recipes proposed by our chef.

The fish

Baked, fried, grilled or pan-fried, fish is always the prince of our tables.

The wines of the month

September tips from our wine master


Sauvignon Blanc delle Dolomiti

It is produced with 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes, harvested only by hand in the month of September. The vinification takes place in white with crushing and destemming of the grapes, followed by a short preventive cold maceration. The wine then ferments at a controlled temperature of 12°C for about 12 days and remains on the lees for 5 months, with frequent bâtonnage and cold stabilization, before being filtered and bottled.

Opra Madrevite

Gamay del Trasimeno

Opra Madrevite

is our wine of the month. A clonal selection of gamay grapes produced on Lake Trasimeno. We have found enthusiastic feedback from our clientele, as it has a wonderful versatility and goes well with both meat and some fish dishes such as a magnificent chowder. But my imagination prompted me to serve it also slightly chilled to keep company with our chef’s berry cheesecake. It is not heresy but fantasy, cheerfulness and immense pleasure of drinking something really special that you can find exclusively at Fuocolento


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