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To start a journey through our flavors, browse the photo gallery of dishes that you find below. Our delicious world is waiting for you. Discover also the environment and the warmth of our furnishings.

Located in one of the streets where the Roman dolce vita was born, the Fuocolento restaurant can boast a series of characteristics that make it truly unique and incredibly attractive compared to other similar establishments in the area. In the first place, the Roman cuisine and fish with relaxing music in the background that offer the possibility to each customer to enjoy a well-deserved and tasty break in the company of friends and in the name of good food. Finally, the dessert menu curated by our chef offers a truly unmissable opportunity to rediscover the flavors of tradition and new combinations.

Fuocolento Roma
Cucina Romanesca


Le paste


Il pesce


Le carni

Frutta e


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