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Side dishes and salads

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Side dishes and salads

Contorni e insalate

Side dishes and salads

Carciofi alla giudia

Tipical fried artichoke

The origin of artichokes and artichokes alla giudia is distant, people begin to talk about this vegetable around 1500, various ways of preparing them can be found in the cookbooks of the time and probably if our dear Caterina de’ Medici who always comes to help thanks to her famous appetite, she was greedy for artichokes and ate them until she felt sick, so that a chronicler of the time talked about who told of Caterina’s formidable appetite and artichokes.

Contorni tipici

Typical side dishes

cicoria ripassata

Cicoria ripassata

Pan-fried chicory

Carciofi alla romana

Carciofi alla romana

Artichoke roman style


Puntarelle in salsa di alici

Tipical roman salad

Insalata mista

Mixed fresh salad

€ 7

Misto di verdure grigliate

Selection of grilled vegetables

€ 7

Patate al forno

Roast potatoes

€ 7


Steamed spinach

€ 7


Sauteed chicory

€ 7

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